Company & hotel subscription agreement

(hereinafter referred to as “The Agreement”)

1. Purpose of this agreement

1.1. RFPMaker is a product developed and fully and beneficially owned by Shevana of Denmark.

1.2. The Purpose of this agreement is for RFPMaker to provide to companies and hotels a software-as-a-service marketplace in order for the parties to facilitate bids towards corporate customers.

1.3. The RFPMaker target segment consists of companies in search of yearly contracting, i.e. for projects and engagement stays, events, or for signing yearly contracts with the hotels.

2. Commencement and termination of this Agreement

2.1. This Agreement is to enter into force on the date of payment and remain in force for 12 months after this date.

2.2. Either Party to this Agreement has a right to give notice of cancellation of the Agreement at three months before the expiry date as laid down under section 2.1.

2.3. If no Party has given notice of cancellation in accordance with section 2.2, the Agreement will be automatically renewable and remain in force for another 12 months period. Section 2.2 is to be applied equally for the next twelve (12) months period.

3. Subscription fees

3.1. The license fee is to be computed in accordance with the pricing package outlined below under section 3.2 and the payments are payable as in accordance with the terms outlined below under section 3.3 and 3.4.

3.2.1. The pricing package applicable for hotels are as follows:

49 Rooms: 149 € per year

200 Rooms: 249 € per year

200+ Rooms: 499 € per year

3.2.2. The pricing package applicable for the companies are as follows:

Unlimited hotels one location 999 € per year

Extra location 99 € per location (RFP)

3.3. Upon the first license activation the Hotel or Company agrees to pay RFPMaker a fee that covers a 12 months period.

3.4. The full license as computed in accordance with the pricing packages under section 3.2

3.5. Upon renewable of the Agreement in accordance with section 2.3, the fee as outlined under section 3.3 will be payable on the first day of the new 12 months period.

3.6. Payment as described above is to be paid online or transferred via bank in accordance with the details laid down below under sections 3.6.1

3.6.1. Company details: Shevana ApS, Ladegaardsvej 2, 7100 Vejle, reg. no. 33753241

Bank details: Danish Crowns:
IBAN-nr. DK6950780001102731

Bank Details EURO:
IBAN-nr. DK6850780001102749

Bank Details USD:
IBAN-nr. DK7350780001102756

4. Rights reserved by RFPMaker

4.1. Any right including but not limited to patents, patterns, copyrights, IT-software rights, licensed rights, and know-how that exist prior to this Agreement as well as any such rights that be developed after commencement of this Agreement are reserved by and exclusively for RFPMaker. Failure to comply with this provision shall be construed as substantial breach of Agreement.

4.2. The payments of fees in accordance with section 3 are payable irrespective of the actual number of room nights being booked by corporate clients under such contract(s)

5. Confidentiality

5.1. The Hotel or Company is to maintain complete confidentiality with respect to any and all information acquired under this Agreement. This clause of confidentiality is to remain in force indefinitely. Failure to observe this confidentiality clause is to be construed as a substantial breach of Agreement.

6. Jurisdiction

6.1. This Agreement is covered by Danish Agreement law. Any conflict should be dealt with in the form of arbitration to be carried out in Denmark.