Do I have to pay a registration fee?2019-05-28T15:02:24+01:00

Yes, a hotel is required to pay the account fee of 19.95 EUR which is a one-time payment for one property. The account set-up fee covers the technical support and account management and will be returned to you if a hotel doesn’t get any business from RFPMaker within 9 months after joining the Preferred Hotel Program.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee?2019-05-28T15:03:19+01:00

No, you only need to pay a one-time fee which gives you unlimited access to future tenders.

Is there any commission for the bookings?2019-05-28T15:04:00+01:00

In addition to the registration fee of 19.95 EUR, hotels pay a fixed transaction fee of 3 € to RFPMaker per each realized room night. The realized room night is the actual booking and stay of our client in your hotel.

Do hotels pay the commission to the channel manager?2019-05-28T15:04:41+01:00

No, you don’t need to pay any commission to the channel manager. Since our guests are redirected to the hotel’s website, they will be making bookings due to your room availability. The commission is 3 EUR per realized room night is received by RFPMaker and no other parties.

Are there any extras/added cost in addition to a fixed booking commission?2019-05-28T15:05:07+01:00

There are no added or hidden costs. RFPMaker charges only the fixed transaction fee. For more info, please see the Terms & Conditions.

Are you working with VCC guarantee or on invoicing basis?2019-05-28T15:06:02+01:00

There are two options to pay for registration: via the credit card or via the bank transfer for which we generate an invoice.

How does RFPMaker connect to the hotel system? Do you use any channel manager?2019-06-03T09:58:13+01:00

We ask hotels to submit the discount of BAR when responding to the RFP and provide us with the URL (with the implemented discount) for the booking so the guests can be redirected to your website and book there directly. Due to this, we do not need to use channel managers’ services.

What kind of rates do you require – dynamic rates or fixed price?2019-06-03T09:58:13+01:00

To enroll into the Preferred Hotel Program for our current client, INDNET and all upcoming demands from other contracted associations, a hotel needs to bid a discount of BAR.

We expect a discount of BAR, dynamic rates, from 15% discount and upwards.

Can hotels offer seasonal prices?2019-06-03T09:58:13+01:00

While submitting the bids, you may provide a different percent discount for different periods. All bookings will happen directly at your own website and all our preferred program hotels can yield rates and blackout calendars as per own inventory availability.

How do we put prices and availability to your system?2019-06-03T09:58:13+01:00

After registration and payment of the 19.95 € account fee, you need to submit the discount of BAR and provide us with the URL (with the implemented discount) for the future bookings at your hotel.

We are forwarding the URL to our clients in a format which includes specific association ID and individual member ID. Our clients will use this URL to complete the booking directly with you and we will know what clients we have sent to your hotel.

More details regarding the bidding & booking process:

To complete the bid, you need to enter:

  • A percent room rate discount (e.g. 22 %)
  • Potential black-out periods (when your percent discount is not applicable for client bookings)
  • Information regarding WI-FI, cancellation and possible free room-upgrades
  • A PMS integrated booking URL (which directs the booker to a page with the discounted room rates)


  • A discount code (which directs the booker to a page without discount and where the code must be used to get the discount)

RFPMaker´s clients will use the booking URL or the discount code when booking directly at your website.

Is the hotel’s offer public?2019-06-03T09:58:12+01:00

The hotel discount offer will be included in our booking engine and displayed on the RFPMaker webpage.

An email I want to use for registration is already used2019-06-03T09:58:12+01:00

If your e-mail is already used in RFPMaker system please use another corporate email. Sometimes, managers are using the same general e-mails to register with the RFPMaker platform. In case you can’t enter your account, please notify our Support Team at support@rfpmaker.com

Do guests pay directly to the hotel?2019-06-03T09:58:12+01:00

Yes, all guests pay for bookings directly to your hotel. Our clients – your guests, access RFPMaker Booking Engine from where they are redirected to the hotel’s website. The clients will settle their bill directly with the hotel.

How do the guests book?2019-06-03T09:58:12+01:00

The association/consortium members access RFPMaker Booking Engine platform, choose the location and the hotel, click on the booking URL (including the discount) and are redirected to the hotel’s website where they perform the actual booking. We do not charge any booking transactions via RFPMaker and we require only 3 EUR fixed fee per realized room night.

How do we find out that the guests are from RFPMaker?2019-06-03T09:58:11+01:00

As the hotel provides RFPMaker with a PMS integrated booking URL (which directs the booker to a page with the discounted room rates) OR a discount code (which directs the booker to a page without discount and where the code must be used to get the discount) – only our contracted guests have an access to this code. Thus, you will know that the client is a registered RFPMaker’s member.

Do clients book directly or via RFPMaker platform?2019-06-03T09:58:11+01:00

Our clients book directly via your hotel’s website. Once hotels submit the discount of BAR and provide the URL (with the implemented discount) for the booking, the guests are redirected to the hotel’s website.

Which is your main segment and who do you cooperate with?2019-06-03T09:58:11+01:00

Our current client is a Danish Consortium “Indkøbsnetværket” – www.indnet.dk – with 85,000 employees. INDNET represents an annual potential of 429,000 room nights across Europe, this amount will be distributed among the preferred hotels in certain locations.


We are presently contracting with several other associations which in total represent an annual demand of 706,000 room nights, with the estimated start of the program in Summer-Autumn 2019. Please be advised you don’t have to fulfill all the demand at your location and you can offer a smaller number and still be part of a Preferred Hotel Program.

Does RFPMaker manage short and long term stays as well?2019-06-03T09:58:10+01:00

The profiles of our clients are both business and leisure, and the statistical data is based on the information provided by the client and travel statistics prepared by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourist Organization). The stay length varies from location to location and from business to leisure stays. The European average stay is around 3.5 room nights and our clients are expected to follow this standard.

Is there an official agreement with RFPMaker?2019-06-03T09:58:10+01:00

Yes, we have a public agreement that can be reviewed on our website. Once you register or submit the bids, you have to accept our Terms and Conditions. Any potential dispute is resolved according to that agreement. Please, review it here: T&C.

Can you advise if the demand is mostly weekends or weekdays?2019-06-03T09:58:10+01:00

The profile of our current client is both business and leisure. Our clients are expected to equally request both weekends and weekdays.

The consortia/associations members are encouraged to invite their family members and friends and extend their stay in the hotel. So even when they are traveling on business days, we are expecting them to spend a substantial extra time in the location going sightseeing and simply relaxing using the hotel’s amenities.  

Does a hotel pay 3 EUR commission if an RFPMaker client books via a third-party, like OTA or GDS?2019-06-03T09:58:10+01:00

If one of our clients books via the OTAs or the GDSs then the hotel is not required to pay the 3 € per room night.
This is unlikely to happen because our clients want the agreed discount they can get through the RFPMaker booking engine.

Can a hotel contact an RFPMaker client directly?2019-06-03T09:58:10+01:00

Yes. Once the client has made the first booking at your hotel you are free to contact the client with special offers that might be better than the discount you have agreed with RFPMaker. In this case, the hotel is still obligated to pay the 3 € per room night.

If the hotel can document a previous agreement with one of our clients and the client books directly at your hotel not using the RFPMaker booking engine, then you shall not pay the 3 € per room night.

However, if such a previous client chooses to book via the RFPMaker booking engine you are obligated to pay the 3 € per room night.

How many hotels will be selected in total for the preferred hotel program in my location?2019-06-11T11:26:01+01:00

The number of selected hotels depends on the demand in a certain location. Please see more about our clients’ demand in this link.

The number of hotels for each Preferred Hotel Program will be limited. We aim at giving each hotel in the program a minimum of 300 room nights per year in addition to what the hotel normally gets from the OTAs.

If you need more details please contact us directly at preferred.hotels@rfpmaker.com.

What are the main requirements to be accepted as a preferred hotel?2019-06-03T09:58:09+01:00

We are looking for high rated hotels that can meet our clients’ requirements in terms of services, demand, and location.

A selected hotel should feature a user-friendly website and a technical possibility to provide a well-working PMS-integrated URL including the discount for our clients´ direct booking with you.

15-25% discount of BAR is required and the selected hotels receive direct bookings and save the OTA commissions.


The hotels in the Preferred Hotel Program will compete against the other preferred hotels on offered discount and service/amenities.

Please limit the number of black-out periods.

A hotel would gain competitive advantages from free Wi-Fi, refundable room cancellation until 12 hours before arrival and amenities like included breakfast.

RFP status is expired. What does this mean?2019-06-03T09:58:09+01:00

The “expired” status for your RFP means that the deadline for submitting rates has been passed.

Our program office will contact the hotels if a bid is too low to be accepted and during this process, you can change the bid to be accepted into the Preferred Hotel Program.

If your hotel has missed the deadline please contact us at support@rfpmaker.com  and we will send you a new RFP, under the condition that there still is room for additional hotels in your area.