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Corporate Consortia

A corporate consortium is an organization with members consisting of small to medium sized companies within many different business areas.

The members only have one common interest which is to get discounts on several goods and services, based on a combined high-volume demand.

The average consortium member will normally have to use the OTAs for hotel bookings and as such never get any discounts.

RFPMaker is securing the consortia members hotel room rates with discounts between 15 % up to 25 %, depending on the actual locations.

The mission of RFPMaker is to support the consortia memberships and drive more value to both the consortia as well as the members individually.

The consortia do not pay annual subscription fees. The individual members are only requested to register an account at a onetime fee of 4 € with RFPMaker, which will be charged at the same time the member makes the first actual booking.



  • RFPMaker prepares and submits RFPs to the preferred hotels based on the consortia´s instructions concerning required areas and locations
  • The hotels are requested to bid 15 % to 25 % lower rates than the public offered prices at any time (BAR)

  • RFPMaker selects the hotels with the lowest bids combined with the best rankings for the preferred program

  • The members accesses RFPMaker’s booking site, apply their consortium password, select a hotel from the preferred hotel program and is redirected into the hotels own booking site where the booking and payment is completed See how

Agreements between corporate consortia and RFPMaker are customized according to the number of members, the travel volume and the geographical location spread.


Partner with RFPMaker to get even more benefits for your members!

Please contact the RFPMaker support team to discuss what we can offer your corporate consortia.