Use a new disruptive distribution channel
with much better deals
for both hotels and hotel guests

Hotels – see how
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We have launched a new platform with direct online booking at the hotel websites

The online travel agencies´ (OTAs) dominance has resulted in heavy commission burdens for the hotels and the guests are paying to high room rates

Our strategic platform

The room demand

We provide high-volume demand through our frame agreements with large international clients such as membership associations, corporate consortia, corporate staff associations and individual medium to larger sized companies.

The historically proved room demands from these clients are situated in known geographical areas which secures the match between room demand and room supply.

The room supply

The room nights are supplied by preferred hotel programs for each area. The hotels qualify by responding to RFPs (request for proposal) prepared by us using our new RFP tool. It takes the hotel about 5 minutes to complete and are completely different to the old traditional RFPs with around 700 time-consuming questions.

RFPMaker´s mission is to secure good deals

for hotels and guests – at the same time

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